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The Power of the Divine Feminine Portal Explained + The Menstrual Cycle Tracking Journal

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Yoni, The Book: Power of the Divine Feminine Portal Explained

- includes bonus content from The Yoni Steam Guidebook -

Yoni, the Book dives deeper into the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing journey of reconnecting with the womb. It is a guide to restoring and balancing the energy of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that exists within each of us, regardless of gender. This is the perfect book for teens, young women entering adulthood, and even those well beyond their childbearing years. Its chapters explore:

  • The cultural meaning of the word ‘Yoni’

  • Historical views of feminine sexuality and sensuality

  • Various archetypes of the divine feminine and how to channel them

  • The connection between sexual energy and the power of creation

  • The power of reconnecting with the divine feminine and using it as a tool for manifestation

  • The power of choice and consent as tools in cultivating our lives

  • A guide to indigenous and ancestral womb healing practices such as yoni steaming, menstrual cycle tracking, and more

  • Herbal remedies for common reproductive health ailments

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Yoni, The Menstrual Cycle Tracking Journal

Written as a companion journal to Yoni, The Book, The Menstrual Cycle Tracking Journal is a guide to understanding and reconnecting with the natural rhythm of your body. Each chapter dives deeper into:

  • The journey of learning to love your menstrual cycle

  • The anatomy of the female reproductive system

  • A detailed breakdown of the menstrual cycle and how it functions

  • The connection between the lunar cycles and the menstrual cycle

  • A guide to choosing period products and avoiding products with harmful effects

  • An explanation of how to chart your menstrual cycle for personal health and fertility awareness

  • A complete four-year calendar for tracking your cycle complete with monthly lunar phases

Period Tracker Journal 2027
Period Tracker Journal 2026
Period Tracker Journal January 2025
Period Tracker Journal January 2024

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Ajané, better known as Woman Of the Womb, is a mother, wife, creative, author, and speaker who specializes in Womb Wellness, Shadow Work, and Inner Child Healing. Over the last 10 years, through workshops, intuitive readings, natal chart interpretations, and one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions, she works to assist others in discovering and overcoming their blockages to reclaim power over their lives and tap back into their abundance. With a combined following of nearly 1M on social media, she and her husband work together to influence and inspire others on their spiritual healing journeys. To learn more about her work, visit her page @WomanOfTheWomb.

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