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Yoni, the Book: The Power of the Divine Feminine Portal Explained (ebook)

Yoni, The Book explores the energetic power of the Divine Feminine Portal and the archetypes of womanhood that help us to channel and express our uniqueness and authenticity. We dive deeper into the history of society and women's relationship with sex and sensuality, and how this connects with our spiritual development and sense of self.



What is The Sacred P*ssy?: Examine how throughout history, shame has been placed on the woman's body and how this subtly influences our self-esteem and power of manifestation

The Hidden History of a Woman’s Power: Explore the balance between the divine feminine and divine masculine in nature, what the woman's role is in the process of creation, and how to apply these principles to everyday life

How the Moon Affects a Woman’s Cycle: Learn how to reconnect with the woman's natural cycle by studying the cycles of the moon, and why it is a necessity to incorporate these principles back into society

The Power of Sunbathing Your Yoni: Ancient practices such as sunning the yoni are examined for their physical benefits, as well as the lessons we learn through our connection to the Sun

How Women Create Sacred Nectar: Learn about the sacred substance known as Amrita and how it reawakens the life force energy through experiencing deep moments of ecstasy and bliss, proven to be the key to immortality

Mastering The Female Orgasm: Explore the various ways to achieve an orgasm and how this spiritual experience assists in connecting us with the Divine

Manifesting With Your P*ssy: Expand your consciousness to gain a deeper perspective on how birth is only one aspect of manifestation using the power of our wombs

Yoni Steaming: Learn how the practice of yoni steaming can be used as a tool for deep mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing

Sacred Hygiene: Explore the practices of sacred hygiene and how they help us to maintain an overall sense of groundedness and stability within our minds, bodies, and spirits

The Wild Woman & The Homemaker: Examine two of the most common archetypes of the divine feminine and the ways they are meant to co-exist together

Sacred Sensuality: Understand the true meaning of sacred sensuality and what it means to be fully present within our bodies

Your Choice: Consider the concept of consent beyond the context of sex and how the conviction of our "yes" and "no" is a powerful tool in manifestation



As we enter into this age of pleasure and sensuality, we uncover the energies behind these principles and how they are the foundation to leading more embodied and fulfilled lives. Touching on sacred practices that honor and nurture the womb, helping us to release centuries' worth of shame and self-depreciation so we may rediscover our self-worth and become more comfortable claiming what we desire. If you are on your journey of reconnecting with your sacred sensuality, this book will help you rediscover the power that exists within you to co-create a life that is in alignment with your authentic self-expression.

Yoni, the Book: The Power of the Divine Feminine Portal Explained (ebook)

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