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The Yoni Steam Guidebook (ebook)

The Yoni Steam Guidebook includes everything you need to know about yoni steaming, creating your own herbal blends, setting up your steam chair, and important safety instructions that you should follow to ensure optimum health. If you aren't familiar with Yoni steaming, this book will give you a great foundation to start incorporating this healing practice into your self-care regimen. It also includes a section on male reproductive health and the benefits of pelvic steaming.


Whether you are working to heal your cycle, navigate the transition through menopause, prepare your body for pregnancy, or just reconnect with your divine feminine energy, pelvic steaming has a wide variety of benefits.


This e-book also includes a list of common herbs used for pelvic steaming, along with their health benefits and spiritual/metaphysical healing properties.

The Yoni Steam Guidebook (ebook)

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