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The Homeschool Guidebook

To Teach Their Own: The Homeschool Guidebook (ebook) is written for parents who want to homeschool their children but don't know where to begin. It also includes free access to the HOW TO HOMESCHOOL Masterclass! The link to access the complete course is included in the guidebook.


As a nomadic homeschooling family for the past seven years, we often receive many questions about how to get started, how to choose a curriculum, whether or not we have to be licensed or certified, and much more... there are also many myths and misconceptions about homeschooling that we come across, so we created this guidebook and complete course to help you get started.


The Homeschool Guidebook chapters include:

-Introduction to Homeschooling

-The Legalities of Homeschooling

-Setting Up Your Homeschool

-Developing a Teaching Approach

-Socialization & Extracurricular Activities

-Evaluating Progress and Making Adjustments


This self-paced course consists of a 15-part video series that covers more in-depth:

-Intro to Homeschool

-10 Steps To Get Started With Homeschool

-State Laws & Requirements

-Home school vs Public School

-Homeschool online vs Public School online

-What are Deschooling and Unschooling?

-Deciding the structure of your homeschool

-What is a curriculum?

-Choosing a curriculum

-Setting your homeschool schedule

-Creating your lesson plans

-How to grade your homeschool students

-How to keep records and Transcripts

-How to keep children socialized while homeschooling

-Graduating High school as a homeschooler

-College and Higher learning after Homeschooling

The Homeschool Guidebook

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