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The Hidden History of Spiritual Sex (ebook)

"The Hidden History of Spiritual Sex" Digital Ebook


Let me guide you on a journey through time, culture, and human experience. In this captivating exploration, the ancient and enigmatic world of sensuality is unveiled, revealing its profound impact on history, spirituality, and our very essence as human beings. This book transcends taboos, delving into the intersection of pleasure and spirituality, and leaves no stone unturned as it navigates the uncharted territories of human desire.



Introduction: The Hidden History of Sensuality - Discover the compelling interplay between sensuality and humanity's evolution through time, from ancient cultures to modern day.

Sensualities' Place in Spirituality: Journey through the spiritual practices of tantra, where sensuality becomes a gateway to divine communion and oneness.

The Sacred Practice of Energy Retention: Explore the truth behind energy retention, Ojas, and its connection to spiritual evolution, siddhis, and higher consciousness.

Pleasure Positivity: Unveil the necessity of sensuality in the spiritual journey, and learn how embracing pleasure can lead to a more fulfilling connection with the divine.

The Sexes' Function in the Animal Kingdom: Understand how the sun, moon, and celestial bodies impact the fertility and sensual rhythms of all living beings, including humans.

The Astrological Connection to Sex: Delve into the cosmic influence that shapes our emotions, energies, and intimate experiences, revealing the intricate interplay between the stars and our desires.

How to Orgasm: Explore the neuroscience of orgasms, the brain's role in pleasure, and how diverse pathways of pleasure shape human experience.

The Technology of Sensuality: Uncover the history of sensual tech, from ancient "linga" toys to modern devices, and how pleasure has driven human innovation.

Karmamudra: Why Women are the Key to Immortality: Plunge into the world of Karmamudra, where women are believed to hold the power to bestow immortality through sacred alchemy.



Why You Need to Read This Book:

In a world that often shies away from openly discussing the intricate relationship between sensuality and spirituality, this book offers a refreshing and profound perspective. It empowers you to embrace your sensual nature, unveiling the timeless wisdom that's been hidden for centuries. By reading this book, you'll gain insights that not only enrich your personal experiences but also deepen your understanding of humanity's complex journey. Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and ultimately transformed by the hidden essence of sensuality.


The Hidden History of Spiritual Sex (ebook)

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