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Out of the Shadows: Shadow Work Workbook

This is an ebook format.


To order the physical copy, click here.


The workbook includes 8 guided sections, and over 200 questions and journal prompts that are designed to help you reflect on your life experiences and the imprints they have left behind to understand how they may be showing up in the present, and blocking you from truly living a fulfilled and authentic expression of your life.


Chapters Include:

What You'll Need to Get Started

What is the Shadow Self?

How is the Shadow Formed?

What is Shadow Work?

How to use the Shadow Work Workbook

SECTION I: The Journey Through The Womb

SECTION II: Family is Your First Community

SECTION III: Who Are You, Really?

SECTION IV: Emotional Intelligence

SECTION V: How Do You Relate?

SECTION VI: The Things You Hide

SECTION VII: Let's Talk About Sex

SECTION VIII: Money Matters

What Comes Next?


To order the physical copy, click here.

Out of the Shadows: Shadow Work Workbook

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