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Empath The Book & Introverts Explained - Bundle Set

A signed copy of Introverts Explained and Empath: The Book with a custom bookmark, as well as the e-book versions of each book. Bundle set. 


Both books are written to take you deeper into the lives and minds of Introverts and Empaths, to help you gain a deeper understanding of what these terms mean and how to best utilize, protect, and preserve this energy within yourself.


Introverts Explained has over 500 Aphorisms Facts & Secrets about Introverts & Empath The Book has over 500 Aphorisms Facts & Secrets about Empaths. Thats over 1000 Facts Secrets & Aphorisms about Introverts & Empaths in one set. 


Introverts Explained, is the first installment of this series which has since been edited, revised, and extended, and is now being presented to you in this bundle set along with Empath: The Book and a custom bookmark.


These books are written to help you identify whether you are an Introvert or an Empath--or hopefully to better understand the Introvert or Empath in your life--so that you are able to master your abilities rather than suffer from the effects of going against your natural temperament.


This bundle set includes a copy of Introverts Explained and Empath: The Book, along with a custom bookmark and copy of both e-books!


If you'd like to order the ebook version of either book, click here:

Empath: The Book

Introverts Explained




Empath The Book & Introverts Explained - Bundle Set

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