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How To Homeschool Masterclass: Everything You Need To Know

Homeschool Masterclass hosted by The Meditation Family @womanofthewomb and @thefallbackup.


In this homeschool Master Class You will learn:

-Intro to Homeschool

-10 Steps To Get Started With Homeschool

-State Laws & Requirements

-Home school vs Public School

-Homeschool online vs Public School online

-What is Deschooling and Unschooling

-Deciding the structure of your homeschool

-What is a curriculum

-Choosing a curriculum

-Setting your homeschool schedule

-Creating your lesson plans

-How to grade your homeschool students

-How to keep records and Transcripts

-How to keep children socialized while homeschooling

-Graduating High school as a homeschooler

-College and Higher learning after Homeschooling


This course includes 15 easy to follow video tutorials to educate you on how to be a successful homeschool family.


Once purchased, you will receive a download link (which will also be sent via email) that includes a file with the proper log in information to access the course. Please be sure to download and save this file to your phone, tablet, or mobile device so you can access the class at any time. You will have unlimited access to all videos and resources included within this masterclass.

How To Homeschool Masterclass: Everything You Need To Know

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