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Becoming Mama: My Pregnancy Journal

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Becoming Mama is the perfect gift for expecting mothers! It comes in a variety of designs to reflect different cultures and ethnicities.

The journey of pregnancy is one of the most profound periods of transformation anyone could undergo. Not only is a baby being born, but a whole new woman—a mother—is being born as well. During this time, you may experience some of the most unexpected changes in your life—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and you will certainly want to document them all; not just for yourself but hopefully to one day share with your beautiful baby (or babies).

This journal begins with a few prompts to help you get started and keep track of the most important details that you'll want to remember later. The remainder of this journal includes blank lined pages for you to journal in as often as you'd like. If at any time you feel stuck, refer back to those prompts to help get your thoughts flowing. Carry this journal with you throughout your pregnancy and even into the days, weeks, months (or years) of your postpartum journey.

Becoming Mama: My Pregnancy Journal

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