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Meditation Family Chess League 


 Invite Only Chess Tournament  hosted by Thefallbackup. 

Starts June 16th at 10pm EST or as soon as the first 12 players are registered so hurry up and join

How to Join

1. Must be a member of

2. Must be at least a $5 member of our patreon, this is a Patron Only event. If you are not yet USE THIS LINK TO JOIN

3. DM me @thefallbackup on IG after you become a Patron to register for the next Tournament

If there are more than 12 sign ups we will host two or more tournaments to determine the winner. the more people that join the higher the cash prize will be on the first

4. Next Tournaments begin June 16th at 10 pm EST or as soon as 12 players join. 

5. The winner will receive a Cash App on the first and the best games will get a video review made about them 

super excited to see who wins. see you there!

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