Triple card Energy Readings include a three card pull from the “Mythical Goddess” Tarot Deck. Tarot readings are for tapping into messages received by the higher realms to assist you in moving forward on your path of growth, evolution, and self actualoxation.


Please include the answers to following questions, either in your order request (in the notes section) OR by emailing them to ( Failure to do so will delay or prevent the return of your reading.


1) what is your name?

2) what is your birthdate?

3) name a number/numbers you see often?

4) what would you like to focus this reading on? (career, relationships, general guidance, etc.)


Please respect & be mindful of the amount of time & energy it takes to complete this work. Refunds will not be provided for these types of readings. Readings will be sent back via email, using the email you provided when you ordered. Readings may take 3-5 days to be returned.

Triple Card Energy Readings