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** Please be sure to use the correct email address when checking out, as this is where you'll receive your copy of The Shadow Work Workbook ebook, as well as the Zoom link and all details to access the replay.**


Live on Zoom

Sunday, September 10th

7 pm - 9 pm EST


Thank you for joining the Into The Light: Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing Workshop Series. During this workshop, we'll be diving into the Money Matters section of the Shadow Work Workbook exploring the subconscious beliefs and conditioning surrounding the topic of money, finances, energy exchange, self-worth, and how that all contributes to our relationship with money. This workshop is especially important for those learning how to utilize their gifts, talents, knowledge, and experience in a way to sustain themselves, prosper, and become abundant in all areas of life.


During this workshop, we will dive deeper into:

  • The Energy of Money: Understanding money as an energetic exchange and how it creates bonds and contracts with others and what this means for you, especially in the path of entrepreneurship

  • Subconscious Beliefs about Money: Identifying and dissecting deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes regarding money and finances, and uncovering how these beliefs influence our financial decisions and overall well-being

  • ​Generational Patterns & Financial Storylines: Investigating generational patterns and family narratives related to money, and discovering how ancestral experiences contribute to our present financial mindset.

  • Shifting the Collective Structure of Business: Examining the cultural and societal structure of money and business and how this creates a "debt" system that we must collectively work to transform

  • Balancing the Divine Feminine in Business: Exploring how the future of business must incorporate the structure of the divine masculine with the flow of the divine feminine to create a holistic and sustainable business with longevity 

  • Creativity and Sexual Energy: Understanding how sensual energy, self-confidence, being in your body, and magnetism play a role in attracting financial abundance

  • Shadow Work & Entrepreneurship: Examining how our hidden and shadow qualities affect the way we relate and communicate in our business relationships

  • Q&A and Group Discussions: Interactive sessions for participants to share experiences, insights, and questions.


You do not need to purchase a separate copy of the workbook, as you will automatically receive access to the ebook once you register for the workshop. If you wish to purchase a physical copy of the book before the workshop, you may do so here.

Into the Light: Shadow Work & Spiritual Entrepreneurship

  • Refunds are not provided for classes and workshops. This workshop will be available as a replay for those who were unable to attend live.  Please be sure to use the correct email address when checking out, as this is where you will receive the PDF with all of the information to tune in live, and to watch the replay.

    Replay links will automatically be emailed to you once the workshop has ended.

  • Send us an email at for all questions or inquiries. Please notify us before the scheduled day of the workshop to let us know if you have not received an email with the ebook and Zoom link.