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** Please be sure to use the correct email address when checking out, as this is where you'll receive your copy of The Shadow Work Workbook ebook, as well as the Zoom link and all details to access the replay.**


Thank you for joining Into The Light: Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing Workshop Series. In this installment, we discussed Healing The Mother Wound. This took place Sunday, July 9th and you are accessing the replay.


This workshop will guide you through the process of uncovering and healing deep-seated emotional wounds related to relationships with our mothers, paving the way for emotional healing, inner growth, and personal freedom.


During this workshop--inspired by the first section of The Shadow Work Workbook--we will dive deeper into:


  • Understanding the mother wound, how it manifests, and its causes and effects so you may learn to recognize its presence in your life and areas where it may be holding you back.

  • Healing techniques and practices to help you release emotional pain and subconscious attachments, and establish healthier patterns of relating to yourself and others.

  • Nurturing self-love and acceptance through reconnecting with and reparenting your inner child to help heal past wounds, foster a more loving relationship with yourself, reclaim your worth, and step into your authentic power

  • Perspectives on healing from the unique insights shared by mother and daughter as we discuss navigating the journey of going "no-contact," to reconciliation and rebuilding, to exploring the mother wound from the perspective of having a mother who has passed away


You do not need to purchase a separate copy of the workbook, as you will automatically receive access to the ebook once you register for the workshop. If you wish to purchase a physical copy of the book before the workshop, you may do so here.

Into the Light: Healing The Mother Wound

$33.33 Regular Price
$22.33Sale Price
  • Refunds are not provided for classes and workshops. This workshop is now available as a replay for those who were unable to attend live.  Please be sure to use the correct email address when checking out, as this is where you will receive the PDF with all of the information to watch the replay.

  • Send us an email at for all questions or inquiries. Please notify us before the scheduled day of the workshop to let us know if you have not received an email with the ebook and Zoom link.

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