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8-Week Mentorship Program

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hosted by WomanOfTheWomb

Summer Session: Sunday, July 7 - Sunday, August 25, 2024 (full)


Fall Session: Sunday, Sept 1 - Sunday, October 20, 2024

I'm inviting seven women who are ready to dive deeper into their healing journey to reclaim their power and truly begin living in alignment with the life they desire!


 We'll spend a transformative eight weeks together, resetting the nervous system, uncovering the answer to the question "who are you really, outside of survival mode?" and shedding the layers that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns and cycles.


Through our weekly sessions, journaling, guided meditations, grounding, and physical embodiment exercises, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself, strengthen your intuition and connection to your spirit guides, clear away stagnant energy in your body, move deeper into alignment with your purpose and authentic self-expression and ultimately release all that is blocking you from standing in your power.

this program includes:

- weekly workshops 

we'll meet live, once per week, every Sunday at 9 pm EST to connect, discuss our weekly theme, introduce the journal prompt(s) for the week, engage in a healing workshop/group activity, and learn powerful tools that will help you continue your journey beyond of our time together. a complete course itinerary will be provided (that also includes access to your books) on our first day orientation, Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 9 pm EST. our sessions are scheduled for 60-90 minutes. please plan to attend each session live, as they will not be recorded for replay.
- weekly homework 

each week, along with your journal prompt(s) you will receive a task aligned with the weekly theme to help you implement practical changes to your daily routine
- private community

connect with me and the community in our personal group chat. this is where we will host our weekly workshops. you'll also be able to text and chat with me 1:1 for personalized guidance as we navigate through our weekly coursework
- the virtual library

included in your membership is a digital copy of the four books that are the foundation of the curriculum of the Into The Light Mentorship Program. you'll receive a digital copy of:

The Shadow Work Workbook
The Couple's Shadow Work Guidebook

Yoni, The Book: The Power of the Divine Feminine Portal Explained

The Yoni Steam Guidebook

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- live group workout call & community group chat

join us during our live workout calls twice a day, Monday - Friday at 9 am and 9 pm EST. working out is not just about developing physical strength, but is also an embodiment practice that helps us strengthen our confidence, willpower, and self-esteem. our core activation workouts are designed to activate the chakras, helping to boost your overall mood, aura, and emotional well-being, and are one of the best times to practice nervous system regulation using meditation and breathwork. you are not required to attend every workout session during our eight weeks together, but we strongly encourage you to attend at least 2-3 sessions each week

topics we'll cover during our workshops

- shadow work
- sensual movement for releasing stagnant energy, emotions, & trauma
- womb healing & portal activation
- how to tune in and listen to your spirit guides
- generational & ancestral healing
- somatic healing & embodiment practices
- reprogramming the nervous system
- aligning with the natural cycles of your body
- maintaining proper spiritual and energetic hygiene
- the frequency of wealth
- herbal medicine to support overall health
- learning how to move through fear
- becoming intentional with your spiritual practice

this program is for you if you're ready to...


    Reclaim your power over your life

  • Reignite your sense of creativity

  • Regain confidence in your unique self-expression

  • Release internal blockages and align with your higher purpose

  • Rebuild your connection to your inner voice and intuition to make decisions from a place of awareness and empowerment

  • Redefine your relationship with wealth and abundance to let go of lack and scarcity mindset

  • Rediscover who you are outside of programming, conditioning, and survival mode

  • Restructure your life in a way that is more intentional and conducive to your overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing

The Energy Exchange for the Into the Light 8-Week Mentorship Program is $1200.


Payment plan options are also available.



Ajané, better known as Woman Of the Womb, is a writer, author, mentor, and spiritual guide who specializes in Womb Wellness, Shadow Work, Ancestral and Inner Child Healing. Over the last 8 years, through workshops, intuitive readings, natal chart interpretations, and one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions, she works to assist others in discovering and overcoming their blockages to reclaim power over their lives and tap back into their abundance. With a combined following of nearly 1M on social media, she and her husband work together to influence and inspire others on their spiritual healing journeys. For inquiries about additional offerings, 1:1 mentorship, joining our virtual wellness retreat community, or in-person mentorship at one of the upcoming Empath Grounding Retreats, please contact

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