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Healing The Mother Wound Workshop

hosted by WomanOfTheWomb


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This workshop took place Sunday, July 9th but you may still access the replay

In this installment of the Into The Light Shadow Work Series, we will be diving deeper into healing the Mother Wound. I am honored to have my own mother joining me in leading this workshop, as we dive deeper into our journey of healing and reconciliation, while also exploring the aspect of healing the mother wound from the perspective of someone who has experienced the loss of their mother.

This workshop will guide you through the process of uncovering and healing deep-seated emotional wounds related to the relationships with our mothers, paving the way for emotional healing, inner growth, and personal freedom.


The mother wound is a profound emotional imprint that occurs when our relationship with our mother is marked by unmet needs, unresolved emotions, or traumatic experiences. It can manifest as feelings of abandonment, rejection, unworthiness, or inadequacy--which then bleeds out to onto other areas of our lives. By exploring the roots of this wound, we can begin to understand its impact on our lives and take steps towards healing and reclaiming our authentic selves.

During this workshop, we will dive deeper into the following key areas:

  1. Understanding the Mother Wound: Gain insight into the mother wound, how it manifests, and its causes and effects so you may learn to recognize its presence in your life and areas where it may be holding you back.

  2. Healing Techniques and Practices: Learn a variety of healing techniques to release emotional pain and establish healthier patterns of relating to yourself and others.

  3. Nurturing Self-Love and Acceptance: Discover strategies for nurturing self-love and acceptance, empowering you to reclaim your worth and step into your authentic power.

  4. Reconnecting with Your Inner Child: Learn how to reconnect with and reparent your inner child in order to heal past wounds and foster a more loving relationship with yourself.

  5. Perspectives on Healing: Benefit from the unique insights shared by mother and daughter as we discuss navigating the journey of going "no-contact," to reconciliation and rebuilding, to exploring the mother wound from the perspective of having a mother who has passed away.

Don't miss this transformative opportunity to explore this aspect of shadow work and inner child healing as you continue to embark on your journey of growth and transformation!

& get unlimited access to all classes, workshops, and more!



Ajané, better known as Woman Of the Womb, is a mother, wife, creative, author, and speaker who specializes in Womb Wellness, Shadow Work, and Inner Child Healing. Over the last 6 years, through workshops, intuitive readings, natal chart interpretations, and one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions, she works to assist others in discovering and overcoming their blockages to reclaim power over their lives and tap back into their abundance. With a combined following of nearly 1M on social media, she and her husband work together to influence and inspire others on their spiritual healing journeys. To learn more about her work, visit her page @WomanOfTheWomb.

Nneka "Nikki" Searcy-Lamisere is a teacher, mentor, and creator/owner of Simply Natural For You and Sexy Spicy Soca Jams Dance Fitness & Mentorship Program. Her company, Simply Natural, is a line of natural and organic products created to provide nourishment and healing for the body, mind and spirit, while Sexy Spicy Soca Jamsuses the power of movement and dance to not only stay fit, but to help shed the "weight" of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage. Using her life experiences, challenges, and lessons, she shares her journey of healing and transformation to inspire others to live a life of wholeness, happiness, awareness, and fulfillment. For more of her work, visit her website

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