30 Days To Inner Light -Boot Camp

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life coaching program with The Meditation Family today !

what this program


-Access to live

stream workouts

-Access to our private

instagram for this


-original workout

routines designed

to heal & Build, 

inside & out. we don't

just want to make

you look good, we

want to Help you 

be healed physically,

mentally, emotionally

& spiritually

-Access to our live

stream cooking show

to help you learn 

how to make your 

meals at home!

- Over 30 Days of 

great vegan Recipes

yes I said vegan,

and no Soy or tofu.

all organic meals

that build you up,

give you energy and

heal you while you

eat them. this boot

camp is designed to 

heal you into shape

not kill you into 

shape so the food you

eat is very important

in this process.

- we Track your

progress to help you

accomplish your 



App coming soon


- completely change 

your life in 30 days

so you feel better, 

look better and 

attract better!

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Work out & Eat

with us for 

30 days to awaken

your inner light!

you will learn new

workout routines, new

food preparation 

techniques, Meditation


Yoga techniques,

Breathing techniques &

More to help you reach

your inner light in 

just 30 days

Tuition is a  


one time 


payment of $250

includes life time access

to recipes & prerecorded


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